Final Considerations & Submission

This section explains how to submit your renewal request through GSA's eMod system. The video:

  • Explains that any mods to change products or services, or pricing, must be done separately from the renewal modification (also known as the "Option to Extend").
  • Discusses risks that may impede the renewal process, and
  • Shows how to submit renewal documents via eMod.

Take Aways

  • No changes to product or service listing may be included with your renewal request.
  • If you need to modify a contract, do that prior to the renewal.
  • Make sure you have sufficient GSA sales (over $25,000/year)
  • Address all Agency complaints.
  • Rectify any contractor assessment report findings
  • Review pricing for competitiveness.

Submit your renewal request through eMod. Go to and then click on the Contract Modifications (eMods) Sign In button.

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