If you recently won a GSA Contract, it's important to get your staff trained so that your firm can manage for compliance and win more contracts. And if you have had the contract for a while, look for signs that it is suffering from neglect:

  • Have you updated the contract terms in the past year? Not doing so is a sign of neglect and may be costing you contracts or profits.
  • Has GSA issued a bad contractor assessment report? Usually, this points to poor training and lack of management support.
  • No sales? This id usually due to a lack of knowledge by your business development team about

Management must enable key staff, especially the assigned Contract Administrator and sales team, to do their jobs more successfully. Training these employees will help mitigate compliance risks and win more contracts.

Empower your staff with the information they need. Some good resources to start include:

Download a free EBook entitled, "You Won a GSA Contract: Now What?"

Provide contract management training to your key managers and Contract Administrator: GSA Contract Management for New Vendors

Many firms have a "set it and forget it" policy, and think just getting a contract will guarantee success, Waiting for RFPs from eBuy is for those that don't want to succeed. In reality, you must proactively create deals. A good start is to train your sales and business development team on Understanding the Federal Buyers Journey.

Just because a firm is listed on the GSA Schedules program does not mean it will succeed. Management must support and enable employees to exploit this valuable contract vehicle.